The Zip Safe Brake is a patent pending zipline deceleration device that is unlike anything in the zipline industry and has been designed to fit most standard tandem speed zipline pulley systems used at commercial zipline courses.

How does it work? 

Riders simply pull down on the safety strap that rests on the Zip Safe. This force engages the Zip Safe deceleration pads on the zipline to add friction and smoothly slow the rider to a safe landing. Once the desired landing speed has been achieved, the rider simply releases pressure on the safety strap and the spring loaded Zip Safe pad lifts away from the zipline to allow the guest to coast safely into the landing area.

Zip Safe allow guests to easily decelerate while zipping forward or backwards for the ultimate level of control and safety of the rider. Zip Safe allows users to safely decelerate using this active safety system as a primary brake and guides control a secondary brake system to meet the standards of The Association For Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) – ANSI/ACCT 03-2016.

Zip Safe allows riders to safely decelerate without touching a zipline or hitting an impact brake on the zipline at high speeds. Zip Safe use a proprietary brake pad material for more efficient deceleration, improved customer experience and gently glides guests to a smooth landing. 

Zipline Innovations believes that safety is paramount for every rider at zipline facilities and backyard ziplines around the world. Never require a rider to grab a zipline when Zip Safe make it easier and more fun, for the best zipline experience!