Zip Safe 360 easily integrates into a variety of compatible tandem speed pulleys to create a safer and more enjoyable customer experience. Zip Safe 360 rides above the zipline and allows users to safely decelerate using this active deceleration device as a primary brake and guides control a secondary brake system to meet the standards of The Association For Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) – ANSI/ACCT 03-2016.

Zip Safe 360 elevates the zipline experience to new heights with 360-degree camera technology that allows guests to film their adventure from above the zipline in an immersive 360-degree video. Zip Safe 360 also allows operators the opportunity to experience their facility from the prospective of the guest. This can be beneficial for tour improvement, adherence of guide safety procedures and overall enjoyment of guests.

Zip Safe 360 is the pinnacle in zipline monitoring systems because of the ease of use for guests and guides to document the experience from start to finish. Zip Safe 360 demonstrates a strong commitment to safety while utilizing the latest 360-degree camera technology for unsurpassed videos of guest adventures. Zip Safe 360 helps operators create positive cash flow from 360 video sales and implement improved safety equipment to mitigate risks and maximize the enjoyment of everyone!

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Video above was shot using Samsung 360 4K 

  • Camera resolution (Front)4096×2048@24fps 360 video
  • Features Dual CMOS 8.4MP, Dual F2.2 Fisheye Lens
  • Battery Typical Usage Video Recording Time (Dual 2560×1280@30fps) : Up to 130 min
  • Dust and water-resistant