The Zip 360 system easily integrates into compatible pulleys for an amazing 360 video from above the zipline. Guests leave with not only an unforgettable experience, but also an immersive 360 video that allows friends to experience the thrill of ziplining. Zip 360 generates a new revenue stream for facilities from 360 video sales, but also allows operators to promote their zipline course through immersive marketing content.  Zipline operators can recoup the initial investment in Zip 360 within days by offering guests 360-degree video souvenirs. Inquire about our partnerships with industry leaders specializing in photo and video platforms that streamline the Zip 360 video sales process.

Zip 360 is compatible with a variety of 360 action cameras and Zipline Innovations is your turnkey solution to provide the best 360-degree video solutions for your guests. 

Our goal is to provide the three pillars to a successful zipline video promotion strategy. 

1. We focus on improving your marketing impact with innovative 360 zipline videos. 

2. Our system provides your guests with a 360-degree video of their adventure that improves the ability to share exciting and immersive 360 content through social media.

3. The Zip 360 system easily generates revenue for operators with no additional staff.

As an added bonus, Zip 360 may help you save on insurance premiums by monitoring your operation with this innovative technology. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you succeed in adding Zip 360 technology to your facility. 

***Click HERE for 360-degree mobile supported device***

Zip 360 with Garmin VIRB 360

  • 360: Capture Stitched-In-Camera, Fully Spherical Videos 
  • 4K: 3840×2160 / 30fps @ 80Mbps : 360 Stitched
  • Smoothes out quick movements and vibrations and levels out the horizon
  • Stabilizes and counteracts the camera orientation in full 360, locking the stabilized orientation to a specified direction.
  • Stabilizes and counteracts the camera orientation in full 360, the stabilized orientation follows the GPS trajectory.