About Us

Mike Seper started Zipline Innovations with the goal to make the thrill of ziplines accessible to everyone. Mike believes that experiential learning environments, such as a zipline tour can help people overcome fears and boost self-confidence. While the zipline tour may only last a couple of hours, the potential impact that it has people can last forever. “Zipline Mike” discovered zipping on Maui after graduating from the University of Hawaii and it changed the trajectory of his life forever. Ziplines became his passion and later his profession when he started his first zipline facility in 2010. Zipline Innovations was born from Mike’s passion for new product development and his love of everything ziplines, with the goal to build products that help spread the thrill of adventure to everyone!

Zipline Innovations was created with the goal to build the best equipment to help zipliners around the world do something they loved and share it with everyone. Zip 360 was designed to integrate 360-degree video technology into the trolley so zipliners could share the thrill of zipping high in the sky with friends and family that were reluctant or unable to participate. This commitment to creating superior zipline equipment led to the creation of the Zip 360 video system, the development of patent pending Zip Safe brake technology and the combination of these products to create Zip Safe 360. 

Zipline Innovations has many more exciting products in the pipeline, along with a variety of Zip 360 upgrades that will make zipping even more fun for guests and guides. Increase throughput, decrease retrievals and maximize the customer experience with Zipline Innovations!

Drag the cursor to watch a virtual reality style 360 video of Zip 360

***Click HERE to watch the 360-degree video with the YouTube app***

The video above was shot using the Zip 360 base camera 960P quality. This camera offers the lowest price point but video appears pixelated on higher speed ziplines.

  • Dual Spherical Lens for 360 degree view for horizontal and vertical visual angle.
  • Video recording (960P @30fps) up to 2 hours with Lithium Ion battery.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for wireless monitoring and transferring of files.
  • Supports microSD cards up to 32GB Class 10 recommended, not included.

Zip 360 offers a variety of compatible 360 camera options ranging from 960P, 1080P, 4K to 6K, software for 360 stitching and options that offer in-camera stitching.

Zipline Innovations supports our users and we want to promote the amazing 360 zipline videos created with Zip 360. Please send your Zip 360 videos to Mike@ZiplineSafety.com for consideration in our next promotional video for a chance to win free Zip 360 gear!


Contact Zipline Innovations at  314-326-0140 to learn more about the Zip 360 video system, along ways to upgrade and customize your current trolley system.