Zipline Innovations is proud to offer equipment designed for zipliners that help make their experience unforgettable and give guests an opportunity to capture the adventure in 360-degree video. This immersive medium allows zipliners to share the thrill of zipping through the sky from a bird’s-eye view.

Zip 360 is compatible with most tandem speed trolleys used at commercial challenge courses and zipline facilities, such as Fusion, Head Rush, Kong and Petzl trolleys with more compatible trolley designs available soon.


Zip 360 with Fusion pulley

Zip 360 is compatible with an array of 360 degree action cameras that we can source to fulfill your needs and provide the best quality video for your zipline.





“This is so much fun and most importantly it’s the safest Zip-line I’ve ever experienced. You have one of the best in the business running the show! I highly recommend (Zip Safe 360)” – Alex

“Our zipline experience was amazing and the Zip 360 video allows us to relive the adventure anytime. The Zip 360 video has been a huge hit sharing with friends online and at parties” – Kristin

“I felt completely safe and secure the whole time. Got an awesome Zip 360 video!” – Renee

“We “first timers” were put at ease by the special (Zip Safe) braking system” – Amanda

“The owner designed a braking system  (Zip Safe) that is a smooth and gentle brake that works great for the lines.” – Timothy



Experience Zip 360 for 360-degree zipline adventures in 4K quality video for the most immersive marketing content, exciting customer videos to promote social sharing and safety monitoring in 360 for ultimate quality control of guest satisfaction.